Presently the pulpit in Grass Valley is empty and Elder Matthew Davis is serving as the regular teacher.  The Lord’s Table is overseen by several ministers from local congregations, with the assistance of Elder Davis.  Pastor Roe (see below) also provides over site of the Lords Table on occasion.  Please keep Grass Valley in your prayers as the congregation seeks to grow and call a new minister to the pulpit in the future.

Pastor Emeritus Dennis Roe

PastorRoe1Pastor Dennis received his Master of Divinity degree from the Theological Seminary of the Reformed Episcopal Church in 1979. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from John Wesley College where he majored in Biblical Studies and minored in American History.  In July of 2014 he retired from the pulpit in Grass Valley after serving the congregation there since 1995.  He has received the honorary title of “Pastor Emeritus” by the congregation because of the deep love and affection they have for him.

He is a retired minister of the Reformed Church in the United States. He has served in the Reformed Church since 1983. He began his pastoral ministry by pioneering a new work in Carbondale, Pennsylvania, where he labored 13 years before coming to Grass Valley. In January of 1995 he accepted the call to organize a Reformed Church in Grass Valley and moved here with his family in July of 1995.  Currently Pastor Roe serves the pulpit occasionally in Grass Valley following his retirement in July of 2014.

He and his wife Julie, who serves as surgical nurse at a local hospital, celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary on August 20, 2013. They are blessed with four children and five grand children.

Presently Pastor Roe and Julie are members of the Grass Valley congregation and, Dennis assists with overseeing the Communion of the Lord’s Table as his schedule permits.