One Perfect Savior (Hebrews 2:10-15)

The Author of Hebrews continues to weave a masterful characterization of Christ which is multifaceted.  Like a gemstone which shows brilliance and beauty as it is turned and viewed from many angles, the perfection of Christ in his role as the Creator, the Perfect Man and the Perfect Savior, are unpacked with great detail, demonstrating the beauty of the nature, which Christ added to the perfection of his person as the Son of God, was a human nature which is an integral part of the salvation narrative.

Hebrews 2:10-15ff moves away from the images of angels and fallen man to begin focusing on the many roles which Christ fulfills and to reflect upon the beauty for ashes which the prophet Isaiah had proclaimed of the One Anointed of the Lord (Isaiah 61:1–3).

The corrupted nature of humanity is focused upon through the lens of the redemptive human nature of Christ.  Christ, who is made perfect, in the sense of fulfilling all which the law required of every man, and further by releasing and restoring those who were in bondage to a position of submission, and honor before God.  In Christ the mysteries of God are manifested to his glory among those who are being saved.

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