Thankfulness in Sorrow (Psalm 43)

The greatness of the blessings which come in the form of salvation, the absolute assurance we are defended by God and cannot be unjustly accused before him, knowing he is both our judge and defender, provides the significant thankful content of many Psalms, including 43.  Although this is not a Psalm of Thankfulness in the literary sense, but is a Lament, a reflection upon the sorrows and the hope of King David, yet its content and context represent a position of hope and thankfulness in the midst of sorrows.

Thankfulness is something which occurs when we receive gifts, when we realize the abundance we have received, when we reflect upon our positions in life, as children, parents, siblings, neighbors, friends and family.  We can be thankful for most anything, but the the comfort which God alone is master over, in the smallest or most immense details in the lives of his people, in forgiveness of sins, in the invitation into his Holy presence, is the cause of rejoicing, thankfulness of heart and earnest heart felt sorrow mingled with love so great it is beyond the description of every sonnet, love song or artist muse.  It is the loving embrace of of our great God, Christ!  For he is your judge, but he also defends you from the guiltiness, shame and sorrow which is every fallen saint knows and understands.

 Sermon Outline / Notes

  1. Our Judge and Defender
    (Psalm 7:8, 26:1, 35:24; Mal 7:8-9)


  1. God Enabled Thankfulness
    (Psalm 27:1;
    John 1:7, 8:12, 14:6; Matt 22:41ff)

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