Stormproof: Our Sure Foundation (Matthew 7:24-29)

We find in Christ’s closing of the Sermon on the Mount two conclusions.  Like the points of a sermon in practical application.  The message is direct and to the point, using the parable format.   Christ is addressing in these final words a description of the hearts, minds, and souls of the listeners.  Are they truly hearing and eager to adopt the teachings which they find amazing?  Or are they just following the crowd, looking for the latest prophet, messiah or teacher?

The final section will be divided into three parts for our message.

  1. The purposed of hearing in those who take the call seriously
    (The Christians Sure Foundation).

    1. Esteem God as Holy over all creation
      1. To Love God with their whole being
      2. In Prayer, Fasting and Daily Living
    2. To hold themselves accountable
      1. When facing temptation to make the difficult and necessary sacrifices
      2. Living according to the Law of God
    3. To bear witness to the truth
      1. Through faithfulness to the Law and its practice
      2. Trusting in the Lord for all their needs
    4. To love their neighbors as themselves
      1. Those we care for and love
      2. Those we would count as enemies
  2. The rejection of truth and its tragic consequences
    (The Unregenerate Fall Hard)

    1. Those who forsake God denying the Creator
    2. Those who hold fast to lust, greed, envy, murder
      1. By hating their neighbors
      2. Acting in heart and mind or outwardly toward God
    3. Those who changing the truth of God for a lie
    4. Those whose actions in life are self-centered
  3. The impact and authority of Christ’s Teaching
    (Christ’s Authority Recognized)

    1. First, you are to be encouraged to share the word of God and not any mans interpretation of the words of Christ.  When you share from the Words of Christ, you can rest assured if they reject the message, they are rejecting Christ and you as his servant. (2 Pet 1:16)
    2. Second, you have the assurance of knowing you do not need to be a good story teller, or have the more outgoing personality.  You only have to know the Word of God, and share what it says, for this reason committing memory verses to heart and being ready to share is not about entertaining, its about sharing the Living Word of God in truth (Heb 4:12-13).
    3. Third, your own personal conviction is to be strengthened by the testimony of Christ authority.  Everywhere Christ taught he did so with authority.  The common people and the religious authorities of his day recognized this (Matt 21:23-27), and none were able to escape his responses which always pointed to the Law of God which he was fulfilling in the name of the Father. (Deut 4:5-6)  For the Law of God is Wisdom before other people.
    4. Last, because you know the true message and authority of God’s Word you are empowered and unashamed against the great swelling words, and self-serving teachings of false religion, and especially against those who would twist the Word of God into a lie. (Rom 1:16)

Elder Matthew J. Davis
Covenant Reformed Church at
Grass Valley

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