Life: Access Restricted (Matthew 7:13-14)

The fullness of the Gospel as taught by Christ includes difficult teachings.  On the surface the teaching in Matthew 7:13-14 appears easy to understand, and simple in application.  Isn’t Christ saying do what is right?  Don’t follow the path of destruction?

One way to look at these verses is there are two paths.  The restricted gate, and the broad or spacious gate.  There are two destinations, restricted access to life, and the spacious and open way to destruction.  But, the command to enter in at the restricted gate or door, is that a command to be diligent to walk the path leading to the restricted gate?  Does entrance mean you are on the restricted way?  Are these gates literal, figurative, or perhaps represent both the literal and the figurative?

As we examine the restricted gate and the broad gate, we must consider the context, vv 15-29 begin a treatment of opposing views.  False teaching verses true teaching, and how to recognize the difference (Matt 7:12-20).  True believers and false believers and their acceptance and rejection by Christ (Matt 21-23).  Finally, the parable of the two builders, defining those who are on the path to the restricted gate, and those who look for the path of least resistance (Matt 7:24-27).

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