Guilt and Compassion (Matthew 6:5-15 v12)

Prayer is not a magical formula. It is not the opportunity to send our “wish list” up to God. It is not the concept of a captive god who has to listen.

Prayer as taught by Christ is a position of humility taken before the Almighty King of all Creation. Prayer is about honoring, praising and seeking the promised blessings of God- not because we wish it, but because we truly desire the will of our Heavenly Father. We know we can ask for nothing greater than his “will be done”.

Prayer is the exercise of confessing our daily dependence and absolute need for forgiveness, as well as reminding us to be compassionate and forgiving of other sinners in this fallen world.

Prayer is the intentional focused submission and humbling of our hearts and minds in spirit before Christ. Acknowledging the debt we can never repay- not only in gratitude and thankfulness, but for the wisdom, knowledge and true adoption into his household as children, and joint heirs with Christ before the Father. Amen.

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