Service and Prayer (Matthew 6:1-18)

In the first part of chapter 6 Christ is dealing with living a consistent life following the example of Scripture.  In loving God with your whole life, while also loving your neighbors.  The command to be perfect in the preceding vvs is an urgent plea, directing the practice of your life to emulate the consistency and love of God, while rejecting the practices of false teachers.  We see this clearly in vvs 2, 5 and 16, where Christ instructs concerning those who engage in self-service through giving to the poor v2, praying v5, and fasting v16.  In each of the instances Christ corrects with direct and forceful instruction as to how giving, prayer and fasting are to be preformed before the Lord.  In each case, the focus is never on self, but on God.  Giving to God secretly, praying to him secretly, and fasting secretly.  Each of these acts reflect upon the meekness and humility of one who recognizes their total dependence upon the Lord.  As we focus on Pray this morning to remember the theme, meekness and humility.

Elder Matthew Davis
Covenant Reformed Church
at Grass Valley

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