Do You Say What You Mean? (Matthew 5:33-57)

The refrain, “Again you have heard it has been said by the ancients.”, not only tells us Christ is teaching against then modern interpretation of God’s Law, but that the practice of such twisting of the Law was very common.  He says this, “You have heard”, or “it has been said”, 8 times beginning at v21.  This tell us from the text Christ was familiar with the false teachings, was able to point to them specifically and refute them clearly.  It also tells us, what we need to look for in the world and in the Church, in terms of men adding to, or modifying the law of God and the teaching of the bible.  Just because men or the Church say something doesn’t mean it’s true.  The standard of authority is always God’s Word.  In this case the 3rd commandment and 9th commandments.

Elder Matthew Davis
Covenant Reformed Church
at Grass Valley

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