Killing with Anger, Words, and Deeds (Matthew 5:21-26)

From the beginning of Chapter 5 Christ is interpreting the Law of God, delivering to the people the true standards which the Decalogue, the commandments and ordinances expressed.  In the same way the Levitical ordinances and daily commandments were given to Moses, as an expression of the 10 great commandments, the practical “how to put into action”, what is written instructions.  Christ teaches the people concerning what is truly meant by the Law and the Prophets.  His Prophesying combined with the Miracles from Chapter 4 and the witness of the Father and the Holy Spirit in Chapter 3, as well as his declaration of the destruction of the temple, his own death and resurrection, and the command which he gave, together demonstrate how to LOVE, and PROCLAIM and teach the Gospel to every nation.  Each of these things testify to the truth which he came to fulfill according to the will of the Father.

As we begin to look at these passages which focus on a proper understanding of Gods Law from the perspective of the Jews, examine your own heart before the Lord.  Christ is confronting the false doctrine of the day with these words and through his daily ministry, but he is also pointing at the church today, beginning with you.

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