You are Salt; You are Light (Matthew 5:13-16)

Both salt and light have intrinsic elements which are recognized universally.  Salt in proportion flavors, preserves, and cleans.  In an overabundance it can destroy or prevent growth.  Likewise, light is a good thing used appropriately, with negative attributes attributed to an overabundance, the most common being understood by the common sunburn.  In his sermon Christ presents to the disciples, salt as a pictures faith, obedience, and who they were as members of the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 5:3-12).  His message does not ask the question, are you salty or are you light- Christ, begins to compare their lives to elements which they could easily understand.  Salt and Light are not things easily misunderstood.  Either you are salt, or you are not.  Either you are light, or you are darkness.  As we look at our text we want to keep those two things in mind.  Ask yourselves, “How am I working as a Christian in Christ to demonstrate the qualities he has placed in me?”  Is my faith seen by others around me?  “Is my conversation salted with grace?  “Do I illuminate those around me?  These are the questions Christ is provoking in the four verses before us.  Let’s look at the context and see how you can address each of these questions as we go through the verses.

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