Peacemakers of the Prince of Peace (Matthew 5:1-9)

The definition of peace is not subject to a theological debate.  God is the God of Peace, identifying Peace as part of his nature.  The very nature of Christ, God Incarnate, is described in the title Prince of Peace.  So, we follow as soldiers of peace.  We are called the children of God, in this designation, “Blessed are the Peacemakers.”  Literally “those who make or do peace”.  It may be said of humanity, we all desire peace.  At least at a general rule.  No wars, no hatred, no discrimination, no judging.  But this is a flawed perspective of peace, starting with humanity, and not with God.  To understand what true peace is, we must look at Christ who is the only Prince of Peace.  Then and only then can you begin to understand your role as a peacemaker in Christ.  Note in the progression of the beatitudes peace is listed toward the end, and is immediately followed by blessings pronounced upon those who are persecuted.  Think about that for a moment.  The poor in spirit, those who mourn, those who are meek, those who hunger and thirst for righteousness and those who are merciful, all receive not only blessings from God, but the condition of those who are in Christ is multiple.  Just like a mother is also a woman, was a child, is a human being. So you beloved, according to the providence of God, may present demonstrate, and practice, any particular one of these attributes, IN CHRIST, at any time.  You may demonstrate several together.  Peacemaking is not only advocating for the secession of hostilities, be they literal as in warfare, or metaphorical as in dealing with sinners in day to day life.  Peacemaking is the application of the appropriate Fruit of the Spirit focused upon bringing Glory to God, and sharing the Gospel of Christ.  As a Christian you have been given the ability to be peacemakers in everyday situations, in every walk of life.  You have this ability from the God of Peace, the Prince of Peace, and because you are the Children of God.

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