Righteous Hunger and Thirst (Matthew 5:1-6)

Part of being blessed in Christ is the promise of being satisfied.  The words of Christ here reflect upon those blessings, for the economy of heaven provides a place for every soul brought to salvation.  The poor in spirit, the meek, those who mourn, and those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.  The place prepared for us from the foundation of the world is prefect in its provision.  Children who have little understanding of God’s greatness, the world, or the consequences of sin, will receive the blessings of knowing God, the sick and lame will be healed, the faithful in Christ will enter and possess a reward which is more than we can know in this life, and our physical needs will be met to the fullest extent imaginable.  Our great blessings and reward is found in Christ, in the righteousness which has taken us from the sufferings of this life, into the incomparable glory of the Creator.  Romans 8:18.  But more than this, the fullness of Righteousness will be demonstrated, delivered to us as his children, and the blessings of heaven will be ours as the struggle against sin and death is removed from us in Glory.

Elder Matthew Davis
Covenant Reformed Church
at Grass Valley.

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