Blessedness found in Humility (Matthew 5:1-5)

Christ came to fulfill the promises of God toward all men.  The sermon on the mount as we know it today is one of the clearest expressions of God’s promises fulfilled.  The repeated usage of the word blessed is its central theme.  Conveying not only the condition of those who are saved in Christ, but also the fullness of those blessings which are addressed in the Psalms, taught in the New Testament by Christ, and find their fullness in Christ, as our promised inheritance.  In our text Christ preaches our daily content relating to God’s blessings and our inheritance in the fullness of the covenant.  We inherit in Christ, position in his kingdom, but also the comfort of our future home in the New Heavens and Earth, the LAND. All these things do the Saints receive in meekness, which flows from the Spirit of God into our lives daily.

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