The Blessedness of Christian Mourning (Matthew 5:1-4)

Christ from the beginning of his public ministry taught in the synagogues preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing various sicknesses and diseases.  He confronted demons, and freed the demon possessed, doing the miracles which demonstrated his power and authority.  This is recorded in Matt 4:23-25, also this was the confession of Nicodemus from John 3:1-2, and Peter from Acts 10:34–39.  But the ministry of Christ was more than miracles, it included clearly and concise teachings on what was intended or proper understanding of the Law of God.  Which had been twisted by the Jewish leadership over the centuries, making men slaves to traditions.

Entrance into the kingdom of heaven was not only a final resting place.  It represented all of life, total and complete dependence upon the Lord of all blessings, this is what the 10 commandments taught, what the sabbath was a picture of- total dependence upon God.

Christ came to fulfill the promises of God toward all men.  The sermon on the mount as we know it today is one of the clearest expressions of God’s promises fulfilled, the repeated usage of the word blessed is its central theme.  Conveying not only the condition of those who are saved in Christ, but also the fullness of those blessings which began at creation Gen 2:1-2, in the garden spoken by God looking toward Christ Gen as his only begotten son.  In our text Christ takes the time to preach the content of God’s blessings as they relate to his kingdom.

Elder Matthew Davis
Covenant Reformed Church
at Grass Valley

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