The Security of the Eternal God

Covenant Reformed Church at Grass Valley was blessed to receive a message on Psalm 90, focusing on the blessings of knowing the eternal character of God, and how such knowledge is critical to the Christian life in Christ and understanding sorrow, suffering and length of days.

We know from others passages of Scripture (Psalm 39:5, 89:47, 1 Peter 1:24; James 4:14; 1 John 2:17) that life is short, and even unbelievers reflect upon the amount of time spent in daily pursuits like eating, resting, working, etc… and those hours add up, first in minuets, then hours and ultimately days, months and years.  The perspective of the Christian, is not on the repetition of time spent, but the focus of doing all things consciously and for the Glory of God.  For the Christian, an eternal perspective provides the right perspective for living life before Christ.

In Scripture the brevity of life is not a reflection upon futility, but a promise that the shortness of the sorrows we face cannot compare with the joy and eternal audience which will become plainly evident following our departure from a life accentuated by sin- forever relieved of the cause of suffering and sorrow- sin and the fall of mankind into sin.  In this the Christian places all hope, not in the quality of time in this life, but the eternal quality of Christ and our position in Him for all eternity.  For every sorrow, and each life points to the eternal father of all creation, and the life and joy found in the depth of eternal love, which calls us out of sin and death and into the eternal covenant of love found only in God through Christ Jesus our Lord.

Such is not a popular message in the 21st Century.  Pastor West articulates these truths in his excellent sermon linked above.

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