For Thy Mercies Sake (Psalm 6)

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The entirety of Psalm 6 is a petition, a cry, a reflection upon personal weakness in the midst of trials, it speaks to the frailty of this life, and the consequences of our sins.  This image of Covenantal Wrath is given first.

In v1&3 We see the image of God’s Wrath, his rebuke, chastisement, his hot displeasure.  For the sorrows of this life can only be perceived in a personal way.  We cry out to the LORD from a depth of knowledge which is impressed upon us as individuals.  The consequences of our sins may impact others around us, even severely, but out personal understanding and experiences are the method the LORD uses to teach us.

Note the passion of David’s instruction and pleas.  For in the face of often painful trials, when we OUR soul’s troubles are magnified (greatly troubled: נִבְהֲלָ֣ה מְאֹ֑ד) we turn to the LORD in total and complete surrender.

In v2 we see the YHWH’s implement of teaching.  The bringing US as individuals to our weakest point so that ONLY HIS MERCY through our SUPPLICATION is before us.  Here the picture is of totally dependency.  When we are brought to the place where we recognize the frailty of life, OUR weakness OUR very frame (עֲצָמָֽי) in this mortal life, we speak as through our bones ache, our heart broken, we recognize OUR utter dependence upon the LORD.  We cry out, How Long???

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